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At Pelikan, sustainability is endorsed and guided at the highest level. As with other major corporate decisions, strategic sustainability decisions are made collectively by the Board of Directors (“Board”) to maintain alignment with the commercial strategy whilst engaging senior managements and business leaders on the direction and progress of the sustainability agenda across the Group. These executives further delegate the relevant authority to the relevant function or team within each subsidiary of the Group.

Our Corporate Philosophy

Our guiding principles on Vision, Mission and Values are the foundation for our sustainability strategy. From them, we have derived the following principles:

  • We are guided by the needs of our customers, partners and people interested in our products and services;
  • We strive at all times to constantly improve all processes;
  • We are constantly questioning existing solutions which is the key to innovation; and
  • We live up to our responsibilities.

In this context, quality and environmental protection mean the following to us:

  • Meeting the needs of our customers, partners and people interested in our products and services;
  • Paying the necessary attention to everything we do;
  • The qualification and further training of all employees;
  • The constant assessment of environmental impact; and
  • Meeting legal requirements.

We are also involved in improving working conditions in our global supply chain through the Pelikan Group’s membership and active participation in the Business Social Compliance Initiative (“BSCI”).

All employees within the Group are familiar with this corporate philosophy.

We have consciously integrated sustainability matters mentioned in this statement into the operations of our Group’s business spans worldwide with subsidiaries present in 21 countries and supported by 4 manufacturing units, while building on our key strengths and achievements. Periodic materiality assessments will be carried out through internal and external consultations of our stakeholders to manage the broad range of sustainability risks, issues and opportunities across our business and key matters of high importance to the Group are discussed in this statement.