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Our Brand and Business

Pelikan International Corporation Berhad, a public listed company on the Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad, owns the rights to the brand and distribution of Pelikan products worldwide. Pelikan, an ink and paint company founded in Hanover, Germany since 1838, is a well recognised German brand that produces writing instruments, stationery supplies, art and hobby paints for use at school, office and homes. Pelikan Group under the helm of Pelikan International Corporation Berhad manufactures and distributes Pelikan products to over 160 countries and runs 5 manufacturing facilities worldwide.

Pelikan's products ranges in 3 main categories:

Writing Instruments

Pelikan produces writing instruments in the high end market for pen collectors and writing instruments for schools and office use. Pelikan has been in the fine writing instruments market since 1929 with the introduction of its first green barrel fountain pen with its patented revolutionary ink plunger mechanism. Since then, Pelikan has been actively expanding the range to include more designs and alternative writing instruments such as the roller ball, ball pen and mechanical refill pencils versions. Pelikan launched its first Limited Edition fine writing instruments in 1993, which proved to be a massive successful and have been introducing Limited and Special Edition series for the fine writing instruments afficionados, earning praises and awards with its collection. Pelikan also launched unique designs for the mass writing instruments used in schools and offices.


Souveraen M800                                     Majesty fountain pen                          PURA Blau for office use                   Style black & white for students

School and Hobby

"Growing up with Pelikan". Most adults in Western Europe particularly in German-speaking countries remember fondly of using Pelikan products since young as students. Pelikan worked together with teachers and educators to create tools that will allow students to express their thinking be it through painting, drawing or writing. Pelikan is famous for its opaque paint boxes, wax crayons, fountain pens and hobby paints used in schools and highly recommended by the teachers.

Wax crayons in mouse shape              Opaque paint box 24 colours           mini-friends colour pencil set              Plaka multipurpose paint

Office supplies

Pelikan manufactures key stationery products for use in office for the purpose of duplicating, correcting, glueing, stamping and marking. High quality products such as Blanco roller, Pelifix glue sticks and roller, Textmarker 490, stamp pads, carbon paper have stand the test of time and won many innovative and design awards too.


PELIFIX glue stick                                    Blanco correcting roller                    Stamp pad with plastic case                Textmarker 490


Pelikan also distributes accessories that accompany writing instruments as well as gifting for corporate customers.


Pelikan Ink 4001                                   Ink cartridge refills                               Ball pen refills                        Converter from fountain pen to ink cartridge based