Fine Writing Newsletter 05/2017

Fine Writing Newsletter 05/2017


We have great news from Hanover for you! Pelikan moves back to the old historical Pelikan building with a shop, a museum and the archives.

We are also very happy that once again, we are able to present to you two new Pelikan writing instruments that will be launched soon. The model Souverän 800 Renaissance Brown excites with a completely new color combination. The next model of our Raden limited edition series is again a masterpiece that combines traditional Japanese decorative art with German craftsmanship in the manufacturing of fountain pens. Finally, we have news from Hanover.


Artistic companion

This special edition was designed with a completely new color combination: Extraordinary, pearl-like ribbons of color in the brown, acrylic material reveal fine nuances of light and shadow.

This aesthetically pleasing juxtaposition symbolizes a typical characteristic of Renaissance painting, making it an homage to the masterpieces painted by the period’s greatest artists.

The rings and clip are elegantly decorated with 24-carat gold. The two-tone, 18-carat gold nib is optionally available in nib sizes EF, F, M and B. We also recommend our Edelstein Ink of the Year 2017 in Smoky Quartz, a matching color. A ballpoint pen to match this beautiful fountain pen is also featured in our range.

The Special Edition Renaissance Brown will be available from May 2017.


Raden is a traditional Japanese decorative craft mainly used for lacquer ware and woodwork. By working with small stripes of precious shell material, the artist of the Raden pen creates a beautiful, impressive piece of art. Each piece is truly unique.

The first step to create the fountain pen Raden M800 Royal Gold is to give the surface a deep black impression by using the special Japanese Urushi lacquer. Then the typical stripes are made with particles from the precious white mother of pearl shell. A 24 carat gold foil is carefully affixed to the backside of these stripes. The stripes are fixed to the cap and barrel by a coating of lacquer. Finally, the artist individually signs and numbers each fountain pen with the Maki-e technique, which used to be reserved exclusively for Japanese Royals as an indication of their power.

With the limited edition Raden series, Pelikan applies this wonderful Japanese decorative craft to fountain pen models of its famous Souveraen series. The Raden M800 Royal Gold fountain pens are masterpieces with finely-chased 18 carat gold nib in the size M, accentuated with a rhodium decor. Each fountain pen is encased in a traditional Japanese gift box which is made of Paulownia wood.

The Raden M800 Royal Gold will be available as from June 2017 in a limited edition of 388 pieces worldwide.


On 29 March 2017 Pelikan opened the doors to the Pelikan TintenTurm in the refurbished space of its former company's seat. The Pelikan TintenTurm will host the Pelikan shop and the archives.

Innovative products, interesting classic items, rare treasures and fantastic events await customers and fans of the brand. Divided into the three sections Shop/Museum/Event, the space will give visitors exciting insights into the world of Pelikan over more than 657 m2. In the shop, consumers can test, experience and purchase products for writing and painting, whether for use at school, the office or at home.

The historical hall provides ample space as a museum for changing exhibitions about the world of Pelikan. The re:pelikan exhibition kicks things off for the museum. Students of visual communication from Hanover’s University of Applied Sciences and Arts display their creatively analyzed and reinterpreted designs of historical Pelikan advertising posters. The historical hall was built by architect Karl Siebrecht in 1913 and contains abundant art nouveau carvings and artistically crafted tiles from sculptor Ludwig Vierthaler which feature the pelican.

The hall is bathed in a truly unique light: the richly colored stained glass window added in 1932 by Adolf Hölzel, who was a pioneer of modern art, lends splendor to the space. In addition, the Pelikan archive features notable treasures from nearly 180 years of the brand’s history.

With the third category, events will also be organized and held regularly where guests will not only hear and see exciting programs, but get to join in as well. Among other things, tours around the Pelikan TintenTurm are also available.