Heritage & Tradition

Heritage & Tradition

Quality since 1838 - The History of Fine Writing.

The beginnings of the Pelikan Company trace back to the chemist Carl Hornemann, who made his customers an offer for oil paints, watercolors and for so called "farbige Dinten" - colored inks, on April 28, 1838. This price list - safely restored in the Pelikan archives - was the foundation of the company's manufacturing line, from which the worldwide known trademark Pelikan has developed.

The small manufacturing site continued to grow and constantly expanded its range of products. The school products developed from the paints, e. g. the Pelikan opaque paintbox, which has become a daily essential in German art classes. The "Dinten" generated the famous Pelikan writing instruments on the one hand and its office accessories with inks for ink jet printers and toner cartridges for laser printers, on the other.

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About the Fine Writing History.

In this chapter, the spotlight will mainly be turned on the history of Pelikan's high quality writing instruments and fountain pen inks. For further information on the development of the Pelikan group and the numerous products available, please click here.