1982-today - The renaissance of the fountain pen

1982-today - The renaissance of the fountain pen

The renaissance of the fountain pen.

In the 1980s, writing with a fountain pen experienced a revival. Not necessarily in everyday use, however, it was used again for personal letters, for signatures and as a status symbol. This kind of change was reflected in particular models. The fountain pens became more elaborate in their equipment and special product series were made. As a consequence, an article of daily use changed to a collector's item.

In 1979, with the "Signum", a fountain pen specially made for adults was introduced for the first time again. Yet, only in 1982, when the "Souverän M 400" was launched, which was a renewal of the fountain pen 400, Pelikan managed to live up to its previous successes. From the outside, the fountain pens were identical. Only the ink feed and the mechanism showed slight differences.

Taking the contemporary taste into account, every once in a while Pelikan also offered pen series with modern designs and a cartridge filling system, apart from the classic Souverän with its piston filling mechanism.

So, the "Signum" was followed by the model "New Classics" in 1992. 1997 brought out the "Celebry" followed by the "Epoch" in 2004 and 2007 by the "Ductus".

In 1993, with the introduction of the model "Blue Ocean", Pelikan began constructing limited edition models with an extraordinary design for collectors and enthusiasts of fine writing instruments. These special writing instruments were awarded many times. At the beginning of the 21st century, series of limited edition pens were made that were dedicated to certain topics, e.g. "The Seven Wonders of the World" and the "Achievements of Civilization".

A bit lower in price, however, aiming at the same target group, the town series of the special editions began with "Berlin" and "Stockholm" in 2002. Like the limited editions, special editions are also produced for a short time only, however, without being numbered in single. The most recent special edition brought out by Pelikan celebrates the topic "Beauties of Nature".


In 1996, with the "Level", Pelikan tried to introduce a fountain pen that would be characterized by an ink capacity three times as big as all fountain pens so far. However, the fountain pen had to be filled using a special ink bottle and in a very unusual way: It was not filled over the nib, but from the rear end via a filling button, rather comparing to the way gas lighters are filled. The consumers were not ready to adapt, so Pelikan ceased its production.

In 2007, the range of classic fountain pens reached the top with its model "Majesty". The grooved barrel made of sterling silver reminds of the striped ink reservoir known from the models 300 to 1000. The longstanding tradition is depicted by a special feature on the cap: The decorative ring means to interpret the wall frieze of 1906, which still decorates the towers of the historically preserved original company building of Pelikan.

In celebration of Pelikan's 170th anniversary in 2008, the model "Majesty" including three diamonds in a nest (on the cap) was launched as a limited edition of 170 pens. This edition was sold out immediately.

In the year 2010, Pelikan launched the "Edelstein Ink Collection". Thanks to a special ingredient, these inks, which are still produced in the factories nearby Hanover, provide a pleasantly smooth writing comfort and with their high quality glass flacon, they make a fancy decoration on any desk.