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Fun Halloween Puzzle

In the time during Halloween, not only crafting ideas are much asked for, but also mini-games that don't require a whole lot of preparation to be played. This somewhat different kind of puzzle is great for this purpose, as it can be played with a single player or against each other!


With little effort, old ping-pong balls become small, scary roly-poly dolls that will go back to their former position, as if by magic, when you tip them lightly - a creepy fun for kids!

Colorful Aerial Spinning Top

Our colorful aerial spinning top is fun to look at when it spins smoothly through the air. When dropped from a high distance, like from the top of a staircase, it will turn faster and faster!

Color Zeppelin

You can let the color zeppelin fly from almost anywhere. When the zeppelin starts to spin around, the paper loop assumes the typical zeppelin shape. Due to its simple construction, it is also well-suitable for younger children.

Magic cards

The last exams before the beginning of summer break are written, the report-cards will be handed out soon and you would like to banish the stress of the past weeks by doing a relaxing crafting roject? p No problem – here, we would like to offer you the Pelikan magic cards! If you are asking yourself how they work, it's really easy: Just pull on the paper flap and all of the sudden the image will change, as if by magic!

Writing with a fountain pen

At school, the question, of why writing with a fountain pen is non-replaceable, is often asked. A glance at India shall help to reveal the secret. For upcoming parents' evenings, we have also prepared an argumentation aid for writing with the fountain pen.

Fountain Pen - licence to write

To finish off a class on teaching pupils how to write, letting them go for this licence could be the final step.

Project City Map - Supplement

In this issue, we would like to offer you some traffic signs to print out, craft and use for your "Project City Map" without any greater efforts.

My first drawing exercise

The new school year is coming up and many teachers would like to give "their" children a warm welcome on their first day at school. For this event, name signs can be helpful, which are placed on the table of each student. And often, when there are child-oriented pictures on the signs, our abecedarians want to color them immediately.

Weather Station

Usually, the topic of weather is very popular among students, as they are able to find out more about their direct environment by relatively simple means. One target is the observation and documentation of the current weather situation.

Weather Frog

At first sight, the frog seems to be sitting there very still. However, when a fly comes by, it suddenly jumps up and tries to catch the fly with its long, sticky tongue!

Project city map 06/08

In this issue, we would like to offer you some traffic signs, quick and easy to print, make and instantly use for the project "City Map".