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Fountain pens

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Souverän® Black-Blue-Silver
 Souverän® - Fountain pen
Souverän® Black-Blue
 Souverän® - Fountain pen
Souverän® Black-Green
 Souverän® - Fountain pen
Souverän® Black-Red
 Souverän® - Fountain pen
Souverän® Black
 Souverän® - Fountain pen
Souverän® Tortoiseshell-White
 Souverän® - Fountain pen M 600 - limited stock
Souverän® Black-Silver
 Souverän® - Fountain pen M 805
Toledo® Gold
 Toledo® - Fountain pen M 900
Classic black-silver
 Classic M205 - Fountain pen
Classic white-silver
 Classic M205 - Fountain pen
Classic Highlighter
 Classic M205 DUO Highlighter yellow - Fountain pen
Classic green-marbled
 Classic M200 - Fountain pen

Noble Pelikan Fountain Pens - The Classics among the Writing Instruments

For decades, its popularity has remained unabated - fountain pens count among the most admired writing instruments of sophisticated writers and style conscious collectors. Our decades of experience in the development of writing instruments, is what makes our fountain pens such fascinating masterpieces.

Exclusive fountain pens from Pelikan: Fascinating and precise writing instruments that provide the best prerequisites for attractive and expressive handwriting. The comfortable handling and their day-to-day reliability is what makes Pelikan fountain pens the ideal companions for people who appreciate highest convenience in writing.

Each Fountain Pen a Masterpiece of its Own

Today, numerous different writing instruments have appeared on the market. If you, however, feel that a tasteful design is part of the sophisticated writing experience then Pelikan fountain pens are the right choice for you. That is why at Pelikan, you get classic pens, such as the one known nationwide by the name "Stresemann" of the Souverän series, as well as new pen models, in remarkable designs.

Discover our bountiful portfolio of fascinating fountain pens that have been enthusing likewise connoisseurship and newcomers for years.

Crafted by trained experts, each fountain pen from the house of Pelikan is a masterpiece of its own. Already at first sight, the harmonic appearance catches the viewer’s eye. Classic lines, tasteful ornaments, or modern shapes, surround the multifaceted motifs of each of the editions.

Pelikan fountain pens convince with their richness of detail that subtly adds to the overall appearance. It is precisely why Pelikan fountain pens find worldwide recognition, and the timeless style of their brand is in great demand.