Ballpoint pens

Ballpoint pens

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Souverän® Black-Blue-Silver
 Souverän® - Ball pen (twist mechanism) K 805
Souverän® Black-Blue
 Souverän® - Ball pen (twist mechanism)
Souverän® Black-Green
 Souverän® - Ball pen (twist mechanism)
Souverän® Black-Red
 Souverän® - Ball pen (twist mechanism)
Souverän® Black
 Souverän® - Ball pen (twist mechanism)
Souverän® Tortoiseshell-White
 Souverän® - Ball pen (twist mechanism) K 600 - limited stock
Souverän® Black-Silver
 Souverän® - Ball pen (twist mechanism) K 805
Classic black-silver
 Classic K205 - Ball pen (push-button mechanism)
Classic white-silver
 Classic K205 - Ball pen (push-button mechanism)
Classic green-marbled
 Classic K200 - Ball pen (push-button mechanism)
Classic black-silver rings
 Classic K215 - Ball pen (push-button mechanism)
Pura® black-silver
 Pura® - Ball pen (twist mechanism)

Classic Pelikan Ballpoint pens – Reliable Companions

In the world of writing instruments, ballpoint pens area a groundbreaking innovation. Already 1950, the first samples were available on the German market. Due to the longevity and the easy to replace refills, ballpoint pens are the ideal writing instruments for many, in everyday business.

Due to the unusual design, ballpoint pens from Pelikan are much more than a simple, functional writing instrument. The reliable mechanism of our twist-action and retractable ballpoint pens are perfected in every detail, so the Pelikan ballpoint pens are reliable, everyday companions. The used large capacity refills, with indelible ink paste, are ideal for everyday business due to their longevity. The thick ink paste in combination with the easy gliding writing ball, create an attractive writing. The technical components for every Pelikan ballpoint pen are appealingly integrated in the respective design of the edition. All over the world, our ballpoint pens are therefore popular as reliable writing instruments, but also as high-quality accessories.

Emphasize with Pelikan

Ballpoint pens, colloquially often referred to as “pens”, are now one of the most widely used writing instruments. With Pelikan ballpoint pens, you distinguish yourself from the monotony of common writing instruments and set elegant emphases. Our continuously growing range of unusual editions, offers numerous artistic designs; each single one is a modern interpretation of the decades-long Pelikan tradition.

Numerous designs from Pelikan were first known as fountain pens. The striped design of the Souverän series is known to this day as "Stresemann". This and many further models were also transferred to twist-action and retractable ballpoint pens over time. Apart from fountain pens, many editions also include ballpoint pens by now from the start. Every style conscious writer thus has the choice among many established designs for ballpoint pens, as well.

Tradition and Innovation

Pelikan stands for tradition, combined with state of the art innovations. Especially with regard to design, our decors combine traditional craftsmanship with most modern finishing processes. Valuable engravings meet advanced, highly transparent plastics; traditional painting techniques stylistically supplement modern metal decors made of rhodium or aluminum. No matter what writing instrument you choose – with elegant ballpoint pens from Pelikan you are guaranteed to get a tasteful symbiosis of tradition and progress.