The Stain Doctor
More than 19.000 tips
on stain removal

The Pelikan stain doctor

How it works:

  1. Select the product which caused the stain.
  2. Select the corresponding color/variant.
  3. Select the type of surface the stain is on.

Afterwards the Pelikan stain doctor queries its data base containing 19000 resolutions.


General instructions:

  • The earlier a stain is treated, the better it can be removed.
  • When removing stains, always begin from the outside, working yourself to the center of the stain, in order to prevent the stain from spreading.
  • Before beginning, test the detergent on a small hidden spot of the textile for color fastness and material resistance.
  • Always read the instructions of the detergent carefully.
  • In particular cases, the extent to what a stain can be removed may depend on several different factors (e.g. the size of the stain or how old it is, the exact surface structure - especially of textiles and carpets and the detergent and dosage used). For this reason, we cannot guarantee a success and also not assume liability for possible damage.