Decorative Handwriting
Part 3

With our new handwriting style "Decorative-handwriting", we at Pelikan want to close the gap between the written and the printed word.

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Decorative Handwriting - Part 3


Pelikan's "Decorative-handwriting"
With our new handwriting style "Decorative-handwriting", we at Pelikan want to close the gap between the written and the printed word. The letters of this style have been developed using the Pelikan Script fountain pen. On this step to step guide you will witness the birth of this new style.
After each step you will have all letters of this style to help teach reading, writing or to modify as it can be downloaded onto your computer just like the simplified handwriting style could be.
We hope you enjoy trying it out.

Looking back
In the last editions of Teachers info we used the Pelikan Script to write capital letters, small letters, numbers and followed different practice techniques. At the end of last edition we started creating invitations and poems with different frames for different moods.

Pelikan Picturalis

The style of handwriting can be used as a foundation for creating a suited "on screen" version. The principle is quite simple: We take hand-written letters, digitise and bind them into our "decorative Handwriting" style. The resulting handwriting can then be viewed on Teachers info and later be downloaded and saved onto your computer.
The great thing about a word processing programme is that you can create your own texts as it is already possible with our simplified handwriting . You can create worksheets, letters that are to be coloured in, texts and various other things.

Lets get started:
On each edition of Teachers into we will offer some letters of the alphabet and start by giving an introduction to the text development. The letters have all been individually created. This means that you can print out a colourless letter that can later be coloured in by your pupils. Each letter is decorated with a different motif.
e.g. Strawb


The roots of our "Decorative-handwriting" are as mentioned before, hand-written words. To make this clearer we have enlarged a letter to explain:


On the left hand side we find a hand-written N. We took the main characteristics of the letter and transformed it into a computer suited format.


The Black dots noticeable in the centre N represent anchor points. At each such a point, the angle of the line changes direction.
In our final result these points are no longer visible and all that remains is a harmonious letter that can be varied into a desired colour:


Not only the colour of the letter can be varied, but also its outlining and its width. As our N on the right shows, you can have a Blue N with Red lining.


Drawing patterns
All of the letters are decorated. These decorated letters are also available as drawing patterns. All of our letters were of course coloured using Pelikan colouring pencils. Due to the vast range of available colours, these pencils offer endless possibilities. Their soft lead help create smooth colour changing and mixing.
With every continuing edition of Teachers info you will receive further letters from our new style "Decorative-handwriting" which was inspired by the Pelikan fountain pen "Script".

As an introduction, we will offer the following letters as a PDF-Download that can be printed or used for the graphical decoration of your text documents in a ZIP-Archiv :

Our bonus letter to celebrate the birth of "Decorative-handwriting":


  • As a PDF-Dokument for printing out and for colouring
  • As single pictures in a ZIP-Archiv to be used in your own documents