Ink-painted eggs
Artistic decoration
with ink eradicators!

These eggs look lovely either hung or placed decoratively in an Easter basket: ink-painted eggs decorated with an ink eradicator.

Ink-painted eggs

These eggs look lovely either hung or placed decoratively in an Easter basket: ink-painted eggs decorated with an ink eradicator.

This is what you need:
A bottle of Pelikan fountain pen ink “royal blue”, brush (size 10), ink eradicator Super pirate with tip widths F + B, a Super Sheriff with tip width M (can be used for broad and fine), kitchen roll or paper handkerchiefs, Pelikan Brillian Varnish, blown, white chicken or goose eggs, possibly an egg painting aid.

For the special effects:
Pelikan Wonderliner, brush size 2, Plaka Gold, blue-coloured paper for a holder and small grips, Pelifix glue stick. We recommend using Christmas tree ball hangers for hanging.

1) To start, paint the blown eggs with the fountain pen ink. A hair brush is recommendable as the hairs cling to the contours of the egg. Be careful not to stain your fingers when painting! Dry your hands well beforehand and hold the egg carefully in a piece of kitchen roll or a paper handkerchief and turn. Let the ink dry well.

2) For large areas, for example the flower in our case, it is best to use the tip width B. We recommend starting with an easy flower pattern.


3) Polka dots are easy to paint with the tip width F. Again we have chosen an easy flower pattern (tip width B) and painted a repeated dot-motif around it.


4) Now you have had a little practise you can start to use the other end of the ink eradicator, i.e. the tip that writes over the eradicating ink, to paint more flowers on the egg. In our example, we have combined a simple flower pattern (tip B) with white dots (tip F) and a pattern made with the writing point.


To prevent the ink from rubbing off onto your fingers, give them a coat of brillant Pelikan Clear Varnish.

It doesn’t matter if one of the eggs breaks while you are trying to blow it. If the bottom half of the egg is still whole, plant a small flower in it as in our example! Another good idea is to paint the egg shells with Wonderliner or to use them for accentuation. By the way, the Wonderliner also adhere to the varnished egg shells.

Eggs decorated with Wonderliner and used as a flower pot.

Using Christmas tree hangers it is easy to suspend the eggs in front of a window for example, just by threading a band through the loop.

The eggs are suspended by threading a band through the hanger.

By using Plaka Gold you can give the eggs a real high-class touch. In our example, we have painted the egg with a blue Wonderliner and finished off with a fine application of gold Plaka.

Plaka Gold creates a high-class impression.


You can make a holder for the painted eggs from a piece of blue card. Make a ring in the required size and glue with Pelifix glue stick. Then cut 3 strips of the same width and to make the feet, roll and glue the ends. Once all the parts are dry, glue the feet to the ring in even spacing.

A simple holder for the painted eggs made from card.


We wish you lots of fun designing and painting the egg shells.

Painted with ink, decorated with the ink eradicator: Easter eggs.