Students’ Shop

The subject "Economy" is already approached in primary school - how is that possible? Pelikan, the University of Hanover and the Primary School Marinewerder know: Yes, it works!

Students’ Shop – Economic Education at Primary Schools


Since a couple of years now, with the project "Schülerladen", Pelikan has supported an economic education at school under the aspects of sustainable development (BNE). On 11 November 2003, the primary school Marienwerder in Hanover opened a shop that was looked after by third and fourth grade students, where they were able to "make action-oriented economy". In the preparatory phase, the project was supported by the University of Hanover with tried and tested teaching units on the subject.

Ever since, the children of the Schülerladen plc are busy with buying, selling, warehousing and many other topics that are necessary to keep the business going. The students have acquired the general knowledge during the opening hours, which is during recess time, on the one hand, but also during a voluntary extra hour of work. The care taking teacher of the company invites representatives of the economy and science, to share first hand experiences with the students. Visiting schedule also includes the decoration of the shop window, product consulting and scientific consultancy as well.

Background information, working modules and advice on the arrangement of the students' shop is also available as a book under the title "Ökonomische Bildung in der Grundschule – Wie Kinder handlungsorientiert Wirtschaft machen!"
The complete publishing can be found at the Teachers' Shop.