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Christmas messages

Hans-Robert Lutz sent us his version of a class project on making an Advent calendar, which we would like to present you here.

Your ideas: Christmas messages

An idea by Hans-Robert Lutz (

Hans-Robert Lutz sent us his version of a class project on making an Advent calendar, which we would like to present you here:

The class of Hans-Robert Lutz

The Advent season plays a special role. This Advent calendar project is supposed to help the children to bridge the time until Christmas. It happens by giving each other short letters, small special tasks and little surprises. These pre-seasonal Christmas messages do not only reach the children through the teacher, but also by letting the students write letters to each other.

You will need:

Pelikan water paints, old tooth brushes, paint brushes, a metal rack for the spray application, a sketch block, a small piece of paper, a fountain pen.

How it works:

First, the children design their pictures with Pelikan water paints. There are no limits to your imagination: The students can apply the paint in the regular way, but they can also spray it on, which they also enjoy doing a lot. For this, mix the paint with the old tooth brush and then spray the paint on by using the metal rack. When all the paint has dried completely, glue the background of the calendar together. Then the students write, draw or make the messages. The children can give their messages a glamorous look by writing on golden paper with a fountain pen in their best handwriting. As the teacher, Hans-Robert Lutz thinks of something special for each of his students, e.g. choosing the homework for the day. On their own notes, the children are allowed to write whatever they like. Make sure to think of something for every student. Now glue the cardboard rolls on the calendar. Hide the messages inside the rolls. After having marked all the rolls with numbers, you are ready. During all Advent season, each of the children are allowed to open the roll with the personalized message that is meant for him or her.

Looking back at the project progression:

The class project has been planned together to complete exhaustion...
Everyone tried to think of what message to give one another.
Everyone completely brimmed over with enthusiasm for the idea and couldn’t wait to see how it would turn out.
Even after Advent the project was kept in the classroom as a memory.