Acting responsibly
Social responsibility and the protection of the environment

Social responsibility as well as the protection and preservation of the environment are important factors in our corporate activities.

Social responsibility and the protection of the environment

Pelikan stands for superior quality and responsibility, developed during many years of brand tradition.

Development and individuality

Pelikan is the quality brand that will last a lifetime.

Whether in the kindergarten or in school, in the office, during leisure time or – the finest form of communication – when writing with a premium writing implement: Pelikan products are reliable life-long companions.

We are able to draw on decades of experience in educational expertise and work closely together with teachers and institutes.

Pelikan’s new developments are consistently oriented towards future generations, and contribute to improving quality of life. Our goal is to provide individuals with capabilities that will enable them to actively and responsibly shape the future.

We offer teachers, parents and pupils help and inspiration. A teachers' Portal provides teaching ideas and materials and answers questions. Parents can also find interesting tips and suggestions for optimal development of their children on the Pelikan parents' portal.

Work environment

What would Pelikan be without its staff? Each employee is part of the greater whole.

The further education and development of staff is important to us, as highly-qualified staff is the most important resource of any company.
We therefore place great value on the topic of training: we provide annual training for young people in different professions in Hanover and Vöhrum.

Procurement & Production

Pelikan takes responsibility in the area of production.

Our environmental awareness starts with the procurement of raw materials. As well as fulfilling international and European standards, these must not only comply with the required limit values but always surpass them where possible.
This is just as fundamental for us as the targeted selection of suppliers and cooperation partners, and is guaranteed through intensive reception and quality controls as well as the adherence to our Ethics Code.
Our Pelikan production plants are certified to ISO 14001 worldwide, and our production processes are regularly optimized and inspected with regard to ecological aspects.

Logistics & Transport

Special standards apply when selecting our logistics partners – they must fulfill our high requirements in respect of the environment, safety and responsibility.
The grouping of commodity flows and CO2-reduced itineraries are fundamental aspects here.
Our modern logistics center in Falkensee directly supplies national and international customers.


Pelikan products are renowned throughout the world and represent outstanding quality, safety and sympathy. Over 1500 Pelikan employees worldwide are dedicated to ensuring that these high standards are met.
Many Pelikan products are designed for children and pupils, and therefore require special attention. Safety and harmlessness to health are therefore our top priority. This is ensured by our continuous quality assurance.
Pelikan not only focuses on the development of high-quality products, creative innovations and the associated manufacturing methods, but also concentrates on the responsible optimization of existing methods and products.
Each of our products is examined and constantly improved with regard to its effect on the environment.
This ongoing awareness is firmly anchored in our corporate goals.


At Pelikan, packaging and packaging development mean more than simply protecting the product.
Our premium quality packaging material is manufactured using a large proportion of recycling materials, and is optimally integrated into the responsibility concept of our brand.
Cardboard packaging is used wherever possible. Multi usable displays have highest priority.

Corporate policy

Our guiding principles on vision, mission and values are also the foundation for our corporate quality and environmental philosophy. From them, we have derived the following principles (excerpt):

  • We are guided by the needs of our customers, partners and people interested in our products and services.
  • We strive at all times to constantly improve all processes.
  • Constantly questioning existing solutions is the key to innovation.
  • We live up to our responsibility.


In this context, quality and environmental protection mean the following to us:

  • Meeting the needs of our customers, partners and people interested in our products and services.
  • Paying the necessary attention to everything we do.
  • The qualification and further training of all employees.
  • The constant assessment of environmental impact.
  • Meeting legal requirements.


We are also involved in improving working conditions in our global supply chain through the Pelikan Group’s membership and active participation in the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI).

Every employee is familiar with this corporate philosophy.