Choosing the right nib

Choosing the right nib

The heart of a good fountain pen is the nib.

The nib gives handwriting a personal character and makes it an individual and unique handwriting for each and every one of us. The more valuable the material of the nib and the more elaborate the workmanship, the softer the writing will feel.

The nib - punched out of selected golden bands, formed and embossed. Precision work with a passion for detail. The nib is crowned by a rounded tip. It is made of iridium, a metal of the group of platinums. Carefully welded to the nib, it is smoothed and constantly and thoroughly tested.

A shining finishing. Small particles of porcelain smooth the nib before it is brightly polished by tiny balls of copper. Concentrated and with an eye for unique details, a variety of work steps are necessary to complete the nib. Every single nib is tested by hand at the Pelikan company.


straight, rounded nib
High-quality gold or stainless steel nibs
Made in Germany

The high-quality nibs from Pelikan allow a fluent handwriting for both casual and experienced writers. The larger a nib, the more room is there for the material to move, therefore a nib in the size M800 or M1000 will automatically provide a good flexibility. However, we are also very proud of our smaller gold nibs and the high-quality stainless steel nibs that offer great writing comfort combined with a very attractive price.

If your handwriting is small or tight, or if you write in Asian letters, then the nib sizes EF (extra fine) or F (fine) are advisable. If you write with big letters or if you’re looking for a nice signature pen, then the nib sizes M (medium) or B (broad) are advisable. The italic nib (only available in the nib size 800) is slightly slanted and gives your handwriting the extra nice touch because the vertical lines are broader than the horizontal lines.

As the material is soft enough to adapt to your handwriting with time, left-handers don’t need any special pens but can choose any of the above mentioned sizes. It might be more difficult to write with the Italic nib, therefore we recommend a personal test in this case.

As a general rule, good nibs don’t need much pressure. This makes the writing very different from writing with a ball pen and is particularly nice if you write for longer stretches of time. If you’re not sure which nib size is the best for you, make sure to visit a retailer and have a try.


Make A Wish Nib

You can also order a nib especially made to order for your needs when visiting our factory in Germany: The Make A Wish Nib.


Changing of the nib (within the first four weeks after purchase).

If you would like to install a nib of a different size, Pelikan offers you to have it done for you within the first four weeks after purchase (please make sure to present your proof of purchase). For nib exchanges in the range of the standard nib sizes F, M and B the exchange is free of charge. If you wish to install an EF nib which needs highest precision and is extremely time-consuming in production, we have to ask for a surcharge of:

  • For Classic M200, M205, M215: 11,90 €
  • For Souverän M300, M400, M405, M600, M605: 41,65 €
  • For Souverän M800, M805, M1000: 65,45 €
  • For Toledo M700, M900: 65,45 €

For further information, please contact your trusted specialty retailer or contact your local Pelikan sales organisation.