The winning 5 for primary school

The new griffix® brushes make sure primary school children are ideally equipped for school art lessons. Any and all painting assignments can be successfully completed with the winning five. All in accordance with the school curriculum – for painting surfaces, dots and lines.

The perfect set for the total primary school period.

The winning 5 for primary school

Introducing the winning 5

Bristel brush size 12

It is easy going, tough, fun and the largest of the five. That’s why it easily takes care of large areas. THE BIG is a pro at mixing colors and getting things done: fast!

Sometimes it can be a little clumsy but don’t blame it, it’s just that it’s very big.

Its favorite chore: painting skies, mountains, and fields.

The Big
The Tall

Hair brush size 10

It is very smart, soft and precise.

If nice curves and detailed work are what you’re looking for, THE TALL shines at it. Whatever it does you can be sure it won’t disappoint you.

Its favorite chore: drawing clouds, leaves, flowers and animals.

Bristle brush size 6

It is just as strong, skilled, and fast as its older sibling THE BIG.

It also LOVES to help. THE BIG can’t reach a smaller area? THE THIN needs help filling up something? THE THICK will get it done. Teamwork is what it lives for!

Its favorite chore: mixing colors, drawing tree trunks and branches, creating texture.

The Thick
The Tiny

Hair brush size 6

It is little, accurate and a bit shy.

And even though it is small and can’t paint big spaces, THE TINY is the perfect one to add that special something to every work. So what little it does, its A BIG DEAL!

Its favorite chore: drawing thin lines and faces.

Cat tongue brush size 10

THE CAT is as easy going as THE BIG, as helpful as THE THICK, as precise as THE TALL and really enthusiastic.

Curves are its thing but being so talented it can do anything you throw at it. THE CAT is THE friend to hang out with.

Its favorite chore: drawing circles and curves, but it likes keeping busy so really just put it to work.

The Cat
What makes the griffix® brushes so unique?

The advantages is in the handle

  • Ergonomique triangular handle with special length suitable for kids
  • Non-slip surface for secure hold
  • Easy cleaning and drying thanks to plastic handle
  • Suitable for various painting techniques

The heart of the brush are the hairs

  • Synthetic hair in premium quality
  • Robust and stays in form
  • No annoying hair loss
  • Easy cleaning and drying

Perfect suitability for school

  • Does not roll away because of the triangular handle
  • Easy selection of the right brush by colour code
  • Longevity thanks to high-quality materials
  • With name field

Clever transport and storage

The elastic rubber band is the perfect addition to the griffix® brushes. It ensures order in the twinkling of an eye. Drying, Cleaning up or in combination with the water container – It is always the ideal solution. Cleaning up made easy.

Available in 2 different sets.