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Diorama: Bergpanorama – die Alpen

Mountain panorama including an idyllic hut, mountain hikers and a cross on the mountain summit. Moreover, the children can focus on the typical animals that live in this particular region. For your support, we offer you coloring templates of selected animals that might live in this kind of landscape.

Moving animals: Duck

Creating effective topics for class in only few steps isn’t always that easy. Especially first and second grade students can be motivated to do cutting and coloring exercises by creative ideas.

Mobility: Locomotive and pedal boat

In our new series "Mobility", we would like to introduce you easy but effective and quick-to-build models made of colored paper. These can easily be printed out, colored with markers or colored pencils, cut out and glued together within minutes!

Your ideas: Are all colors a shade of grey?

An experience that is marvelled at over and over, is the fact that the mixing of any two different complementary colors almost always makes the same shade of neutral grey. The grey blended paints are an ideal basis to "explore" the chromatics and the harmony between colors.

Your ideas: Pretty paper with markers

Pretty paper with marker. An idea by Katrin Löwe.

Your ideas: a color race with markers!

A color race with markers!. An idea by Dorit Jost.

Print-make-done: Funnyglasses for carnival

Print-make-done: Funny glasses for carnival

Easter handicrafting

Easter is near and many people can’t wait to create effective but uncomplicated Easter decorations in only few steps. Pelikan wants to support your creativity and would like to introduce 4 different ideas to you.

Movable animals: Monkey

It’s not always easy to create effective lessons within only few steps. But especially first and second graders are easily motivated by creative ideas to do cutting and paintwork.

Experiment: The Pelikan magic can

You roll away a colored can and it comes back to you again – it's like magic! But how can it be when the can is on a flat surface?

Easter bunny with an integrated basket

Juice boxes usually have a rather short lifespan, however, they do bring along one big advantage: The boxes are water-tight, which makes them suitable to grow Easter grass or to use them as a flower pot. With all‑purpose glue and our download templates, you can turn these boxes into a smart hiding place for Easter eggs or use them as a nice decoration.

Movable animals: Elephant

It’s not always easy to create effective teaching unites in only a few steps. But particularly the first and second graders are easily motivated by creative ideas to tasks including cutting and painting.