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Special Edition - M101N Lizard

The M101N Lizard is based on a historical model that dates back to 1937. While it keeps the traditional shape that is so essential for a Pelikan fountain pen, it has been adapted to today‘s modern standard of fountain pen manufacturing.

The patterned barrel and the cap of this fountain pen are made of cellulose acetate with a completely smooth surface. High quality resin was used for the black pieces, and the Pelikan logo is engraved in the traditional manner at the top of the cap. The precious metal palladium covers the clip and rings, and the 14 carat gold nib was completely rhodinized to obtain a corresponding silver effect. For this Special Edition, the packaging was adapted so that it fits to the lizard design on the fountain pen. This much awaited fountain pen will be available in a limited quantity starting December 2012, just in time for Pelikan‘s 175th anniversary in 2013.

And here‘s a special preview for you: In Spring 2013, Pelikan will also launch a matching Limited Edition - only 238 pieces of the M101N Jubilee Pen will be available. Stay tuned for more information!


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