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Special Edition Demonstrator M1005 – See how it works

When Pelikan registered the patent for the differential piston mechanism in 1929, nobody knew that the same technique would survive for decades ... But to this day, only a few small changes have perfected the piston mechanism, and the Demonstrator model, which was first introduced in a smaller size just to show how it works, became a global success. Technically minded people are fascinated to see the mechanism „in action“ every time they refill their fountain pen ... and so Pelikan decided to launch this Special Edition, the Demonstrator in the size 1005 in the year 2011.

The production of the Demonstrator piston fountain pen provides many challenges for the production: Once the Demonstrator has been produced, every dust particle in the inside of the fountain pen is not only visible but can’t be removed anymore, therefore the production has to meet unusually high standards. As the inside of a transparent fountain pen has to be just as attractive as the outside, a special effort has to be made by polishing all technical parts and by making sure that the lubricant of the piston does not impair the good optical impression. Besides this, a brass piece inside the fountain pen that doesn't usually allow a glimpse inside has a special window to better show the movement of the piston in action. All of these aspects together create a fountain pen that has no equal.

The M1005 is the largest piston fountain pen of Pelikan and has a bigger capacity than any other piston fountain pen on the market. The nib is made of 18 carat gold, completely rhodinized to achieve a silver impression. The clip and the rings are palladium plated.

The Demonstrator-model comes inside an attractive gift box with a transparent window in the cover, to allow an immediate view at the equally transparent fountain pen.

So much love for detail, and such high-precision production made in Germany, has been rewarded: In the year 2011, the M1005 Demonstrator of Pelikan won the renowned French award "Le Trophée du Stylographe".


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