Special Edition "Eternal Ice"

Eternal Ice Fountain pen M640

 Eternal Ice Fountain pen M640
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Eternal ice

There are certainly more comfortable places on our earth – but few offer such spectacular impressions as the Arctic desert regions. The eternal ice of the Arctic North Pole and the Antarctic South Pole are among the most extreme habitats and most sensitive climate zones on earth. During the long and very cold polar winter, the sun does not cross the horizon for weeks and temperatures fall as low as 80 degrees below zero. The polar night at either pole lasts several months during which time the skies re- main entirely dark. During the polar summer, the seemingly errant sun suddenly reappears, however it is foggy and temperatures remain low. There is no doubt that at both ends of the world flora and fauna coexist under very demanding conditions and only the very strongest survive. The relentless cold provides perfect conditions for the million-year-old ice, which has frozen time for all eternity.

Unforgettable moments from the forces of nature

Just as every place in nature is unique, so too is the art of personal letter writing. Experience an unforgettable feeling for your personal handwriting with the “Eternal Ice” fountain pen. In this new special edition, you hold a writing instrument which is perfect in its form, paying homage to one of the most impressive natural phenomena on the planet.

Technical precision made in Germany

The special edition “Eternal Ice” is made of the finest materials. Each crafted pen is multicolored, lacquered with a high gloss polished metal shaft and further enhanced with elaborate palladium laser engraving. It flows into the ice blue-colored precious resin components of the front part and the ink handle. The 18 carat gold nib with rhodium trim is exquisitely formed, polished and diligently run in by a master’s hand.

This special edition is also available as a ballpoint pen and rollerball, and comes from a traditional company that has stood for high-quality writing culture since 1929. Our goal now reaches further than perfect technology; rather it lies in giving each and every individual piece its own distinct personality.

The series „Eternal Ice“ has been released in the year 2011 and has a limited availability.

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