Special Edition "Indian Summer"

Indian Summer Fountain pen M640

 Indian Summer Fountain pen M640
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Glowing red play of colors

Experiencing an “Indian Summer” is unique. The autumn trees change their colors and glow in breathtaking yellows, oranges, reds and ochers. This special wonder of nature is also called “autumn foliage” and is particularly colorful in New England and Canada. It begins in August in parts of Alaska and on the mountainsides of Canada and continues until November, spreading across almost all of the United States. This unrivaled play of colors is especially pronounced in the Berkshires, the mountainous region in the far west of Massachusetts. This magical “natural event” is triggered by unseasonably mild weather. The first night chilled by frost can, with the late summer sun, quickly warm to a comfortable 20 degree Celsius during the day. The term “Indian Summer” seems to have its roots in the proud culture of the native Americans. It describes their love of bold colors and the final hunting season before the onset of winter, when the warm temperatures tempt the animals out of their quarters one last time.

The special edition “Indian Summer” is made of the finest materials. Each crafted pen is multicolored, lacquered with a high gloss polished metal shaft and further enhanced with elaborate silver engraving. The beautiful coloration flows to a dark brown and features high-grade resin components on the front part and the ink handle. The 18 carat gold nib with rhodium trim is formed masterfully, polished and carefully run in by a master’s hand.

This special edition is available as a fountain pen, a ballpoint pen and rollerball. The extraordinary new “beauties of nature” pen is proudly offered by Pelikan, a company that has stood for and dedicated itself to high-quality writing culture since 1929. Our goal is to provide the best in fine writing technology along with pen designs fashioned to offer distinction, flair and individual personality.

The series „Indian Summer“ has been released in the year 2009 and has a limited availability.

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