Special Edition "Mount Everest"

Mount Everest Fountain pen M640

 Mount Everest Fountain pen M640
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Unique and spectacular Just like the world’s highest mountain

The highest mountain on Earth originated, like the entire Himalayas mountain range, from the collision of the Indian with the Eurasian continental plate. This process began approx. 50 million years ago, and even today Mount Everest grows several millimeters as a result of the movement of the continents. It reaches a majestic 8,850 meters into the heavens. It is one of the “Seven Summits”, which include the highest mountain on each of the seven continents. Its climate is very extreme, with temperatures in the coldest month dropping down to -60 °C. And when the south-western jet stream slams against the summit, wind speeds of up to 285 kilometers per hour occur. Enormous snowfalls of up to 3 meters daily are not uncommon and an ascent is only possible during one of the rare “windows”, which provide more or less stable weather. The New Zealander Edmund Hillary and his Sherpa Tenzing Norgay were the first to reach the top on May 29, 1953. This event was celebrated internationally as the conquest of the “third pole”. Around 3,680 ascents have been recorded to date.

The special edition “Mount Everest” is crafted of the finest materials. The distinctive new barrel features a metal shaft with a complex engraving and specially created gold plated mountain formation element. Its representation flows into the anthracite-colored precious resin components of the front part and the ink handle. The 18 carat gold nib with rhodium trim is designed, masterfully crafted and polished meticulously by a master’s hand.

The new Mount Everest is also available as a fountain pen, a ballpoint pen and rollerball. This Special Edition has been created by Pelikan and follows the tradition of quality built in to all fine writing instruments made since their beginning in 1929. The goal of Pelikan continues to be to “perfect the technology” while providing and instilling in every piece its own individual personality.

The series „Mount Everest“ has been released in the year 2008 and has a limited availability.

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