Special Edition "Sahara"

Sahara Fountain pen M640

 Sahara Fountain pen M640
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The Desert Tells Its Tales

Sand visible as far as the eye can see. Every individual grain of sand in the Sahara has a story to tell. It is the triturated time of mountainous massifs, seas, rivers or the ice age. With nine million square kilometers (circa 3.5 milion square miles), the Sahara is the largest dry desert on the planet and stretches from the Atlantic to the Red Sea. It came into being three billion years ago and has been fooded at least eight times in the course of time. Even in this current day, dry riverbeds can be found in the landscape – a sign that water must have once flown there. However, only 10 % of the Sahara is a sandy desert. Many large areas are covered by boulders, salt marshes, gravel desert and mountain ranges such as the Hoggar and the Tibesti mountains. On three quarters of the desert surface, there is no vegetation; the rest consists of veldt, in which plants and animals have adjusted themselves to extreme conditions. During the day, it‘s dry and reaches up to 55 degrees. Oases that consist of around 200,000 square kilometers (circa 77,000 square miles) of surface provide living conditions for roughly two million people.

The special edition “Sahara” is made of the finest materials. The focal point is the metal shaft with its sand-wave structure. The filigree elements are modeled by a sophisticated guilloche, are gilded and are provided with several coats of lacquer coating. They flow into the precious resin components of the front part and ink handle. The 18 carat gold nib with rhodium trim is formed masterly, polished and diligently run in by a master‘s hand. This special edition can also be obtained as a ballpoint pen and rollerball, all created by a company dedicated to a tradition of excellence with an established high-quality writing culture since 1929. Our goal is not only to perfect the technology, but rather to provide each and every individual a reflection and insight into its own personality.

The piston pump fountain pen has an 18-carat gold nib with rhodanized decoration, masterfully formed, polished and carefully run in by a master’s hand. The ball-point pen is fitted with a twist mechanism and an international standard largevolume cartridge. The exclusive roller-ball also delivers the look of ink handwriting with its smooth, comfortable action.

The series „Sahara“ has been released in the year 2007 and has a limited availability.

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