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Leather Pouches Black Engrained for two writing instruments

 Leather Pouches Black Engrained for two writing instruments

There are many ways to keep your writing instrument beautiful for the passing years. For example, you can keep it in your desk at home, where it’s safe and sheltered. However, if you want it to accompany you through thick and thin, you’ll need a cover that will brave the elements.

The classic leather cases from Pelikan will protect your writing instrument wherever you go, no matter if you wish to take one, two, or three writing instruments with you. You can choose between an all-black version or black with a green accent.

If you want to brighten up your life and that of others, you can choose between several modern colors in shiny lacquered leather. They are available in a medium size for two writing instruments. The lining inside is made from gray nylon.
Enjoy every detail: The finely stitched seams as well as the zipper match the color of the leather cases, the image of the Pelikan on the little handle piece of the zipper as an elegant highlight, and the flexible loops for the writing instruments which are hidden beneath a leather cover to increase the high quality of the cases.


This elegant leather case is available in two different versions, either nappa or engrained:

The very soft and smooth leather nappa leather is already well known to all Pelikan fans because it’s used for all other leather pouches like the TG21. The engrained leather which we have chosen as an additionaly alternative is very robust and at the same time elegant. The choice is up to you!

All the other features are the same: The cover is made of 100% real leather (cow hide), with an embossed logo on the front that is typical for the elegant understatement of the Pelikan brand.

The black zipper is flexible and absolutely reliable. It does not open by mistake or risk credit cards (like magnetic flaps do). The zipper pulley has an elegant shape that‘s easy to hold due to its extra long shape. It is rhodium plated and discreetly features the Pelikan logo.

The lining is made of black velvet, a soft material that protects the pens and hides any possible ink marks at the same time! Two sturdy elastics hold one or two pens in their position underneath a leather cover.

This leather case offers excellent value for money with its simple understatement and high quality materials.


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