griffix® - Wax pen, pencil, ink pen, fountain pen

Whether a fountain pen, wax pen, ink pen or a pencil - every model represents one of four steps in the griffix® learn-to-write system by Pelikan.


griffix® is the first holistic product concept that provides consistent support in the process of learning how to write from the beginning on. For the very first time worldwide, Pelikan unites four learn-to-write writing instruments to form one coherent, sequential system.

Systematic learning how to write: Step by step, the griffix® system imparts to children how to hold their pens correctly. Support this learning process by using writing instruments made by Pelikan.


The Pelikan griffix® System

Writing is a high-performance motor task, learning how to write is arduous and exhausting. Alongside with scientists and teachers, Pelikan has developed the 4-step learn-to-write system for children's hands, to support them in the process of learning how to write.
The pens' ergonomic design fosters the right pen grip for a more natural and relaxed way of writing in every stage of learning, as each of the writing instruments - from the wax pen to the pencil and the ink pen to the fountain pen - are perfectly adapted to fit the child's individual progress. Due to the unified concept of the grip pattern, your child will not have to change the way he/she holds the pen anymore. The smiley face shows that the pen is being held correctly. The learn-to-write system is available for left- and right-handed writing.

The griffix® Fountain Pen

The griffix® fountain pen by Pelikan is the final step in the process of learning to write. When writing with a fountain pen, it is important to perform the right movements in a coordinated and sweeping way. The nib will then glide over the paper easily and enable children to complete the process of learning how to write with a clean and neat handwriting.

The griffix® fountain pen has a sturdy stainless-steel nib that keeps its shape even when used by unpracticed beginners in fountain pen-writing. To draw attention to the ink level from time to time, the griffix® fountain pen ink cartridges are decorated with different motifs. They are visible through the ink viewing window. The griffix® fountain pen is available in four great colors. So, not only do the children get a pen that writes well, but one that's in style, too.