wax pen
griffix® wax pen- The learn-to-write system by Pelikan

The griffix® wax pen - helps to learn the correct writing position and pressure appliance!

griffix® wax pen

The smart learn-to-write system

For the very first time worldwide, Pelikan unites four learn-to-write writing instruments to form one coherent, sequential system.

  • 8 wax pens in a high-quality plastic box, sorted by color; packages to hang up or set down.
  • An ergonomic grip zone for all 8 wax pens
  • Includes a sliding sleeve
  • Cheerful smiley

The Success of griffix® goes on!

The resounding success of the 4-step learn-to-write system griffix® remains unbroken. More and more teachers, parents and students are convinced that these 4 steps make the process of learning how to write easier. griffix® pens are becoming increasingly popular and they are in great demand by children who are just learning how to write. That is reason enough for Pelikan to launch a new development of the learn-to-write system, coming out in April 2014, that will be advantageous for retailers and customers alike.

Holistic Product Concept

griffix® is the first holistic product concept that provides consistent support in the process of learning how to write from the beginning on. Pelikan thereby unites four learn-to-write writing instruments to form one coherent and sequential system: the wax pen, the pencil, the ink pen and the fountain pen.

Ergonomic Grip Zone

griffix® was developed in close cooperation with scientists and teachers for children’s hands. The ergonomic design supports a natural and relaxed writing posture. Due to the universal grip zone of the single writing instruments, your child will not have to change his/her pen grip anymore when moving from step to step.


Made in Germany