griffix® Fountain Pen
Learning to write neatly
griffix® Fountain Pen- The learn-to-write system by Pelikan

The griffix® fountain pen, the 4th step of the learn-to-write system finalizes the process by helping to learn how to write neatly.

griffix® Fountain Pen

After having gained a little practice, the beginner in writing will soon be able to transfer to "upper class" and thereby start writing with the 4th step of the learn-to-write process, the griffix® fountain pen.
The nib will easily glide over the piece of paper and children will complete the process of learning how to write with a clean and neat handwriting. With the pen grip, which by now has been practiced over a long period of time, your child will not be able to hold the pen wrong anymore. Finally be able to write like big boys and girls!