Fine Writing Newsletter 01/2019

Fine Writing Newsletter 01/2019


We are celebrating an important anniversary again this year: 90 years of piston mechanism!

With this groundbreaking invention, Pelikan set a milestone in the development of high-grade writing instruments. Our commemorative writing instrument “Herzstuck 1929” is a homage to this exceptional technical accomplishment and shows once more how absolutely true we remain to our high quality standard.

“Herzstück 1929”

With much love of detail, the “Herzstück* 1929” pays tribute to the original from the 1920s: The transparent window, the curved Pelikan beak-like clip, the cap with the historic Pelikan logo, and the form and detail of the grip are reminiscent of the revolutionary Pelikan fountain pen.

The highlight of the commemorative device is the large viewing window that spans the length of the barrel of the pen. It is a fascinating design that not only offers a view of the level of ink – as was the case initially with the historic Pelikan fountain pen – but also of the piston itself. Thus, as the ink is drawn into the pen, it is possible to see the way the piston mechanism works. The piston is gold-plated and marked with the historic patent number.

In honour of the original, the limited edition is based on the historic patent number, for which the last three figures were 462. The complete patent number is engraved on the gilded piston, while the individual edition number of the total of 462 pieces worldwide adorns the grip ring of each pen. It is proof of the uniqueness of these rare beauties.

The high quality black presentation box boasts a special trick: When it’s opened, the platform is elevated by two bands that form part of a special lifting process. The exquisite „Herzstück 1929“ is thus presented from the very best angle. Along with it is a flask of Royal Blue Pelikan Ink 4001 bearing a special label. The mechanical functioning is representative of the carefully considered presentation.


The Pelikan piston filling mechanism forms the core of each piston fountain pen. Made of high-grade individual parts, it is painstakingly crafted by hand, Germanmade, in our factory in Peine. It is perfection personified down to the tiniest detail.

In addition to experience, you also need true skill and flair to assemble the precision mechanism in Pelikan piston fountain pens. Filling the high-grade writing instruments is also dedicated handiwork.

But how does this work exactly? Put simply, the nib is held in the ink pot and the ink is drawn into the ink reservoir by rotating the grip at the rear end of the fountain pen. If we explain it in more technical terms, two different screw threads on the inside of the fountain pen ensure that the spindle inside moves more quickly than the grip. The negative pressure created by the piston movement then sucks the ink into the fountain pen.

Edelstein® Ink Collection
Ink of The Year 2019 – Star Ruby

It is getting bright and heartwarming with the new Edelstein Ink color of the year „Star Ruby“. Being part of the winner selection out of more than 1,200 ink ideas, this beautiful burgundy-pink color version amazes with its brightness. It is related to the gem stone „star ruby“, which shows sparkling crystals inside. That truly gives it its name for sparkling burgundy-reddish pink. Important to know for all newbies and not to forget for all professionals who are already familiar with Edelstein Ink colors: all our shades of the Edelstein Ink Collection contain a special ingredient that ensures extra smooth writing.

M101N Grey-Blue

Pelikan is adding another model to the successful historical M101N series, the M101N Grey-Blue. The technical base of this fountain pen is the model M101N. The chosen color pattern in grey and blue reminds of a historical model of the 1930s. The barrel is made of the typical Pelikan cellulose-acetate in a very unique pattern.

Cap, front part and grip are made of high-quality resin that polishes itself time and again during use. The typical Pelikan beak clip and the decorative rings are plated with palladium. Together with the fully rhodanized 14 carat gold nib it gives this special edition an elegant silvery appearance.

This model comes with an attractive gift box and one bottle of royal blue ink. Both feature a special historic motif, which makes the set a beautiful gift for every lover of the Pelikan brand.