Stalówka Make A Wish

Stalówka Make A Wish

You can now visit Pelikan

Make A Wish Nib & guided tours on site now possible

For a long time already, many collectors of fine writing instruments and Pelikan enthusiasts have been wishing to purchase a Pelikan nib specifically crafted for them. Because they know that the heart of any fountain pen is the nib. Also, they would love to take a look behind the scenes and experience the production of such high-quality pens from close by.

We are happy to make your wish come true! Once a month, the Pelikan manufacture opens its doors on a specific day at the works in Peine/Vöhrum. Feel free to book your individually appointed day comfortably over the internet.

Which Nib?

There are two-colored golden nibs of the Souverän models to choose from, available in the four sizes 400, 600, 800 and 1000. These nibs are equipped with especially wide iridium tips, which will be cut by one of Pelikan's nib specialists according to your wishes. To cater for the various different needs, it is necessary to use a particularly wide tip. Therefore, it is not possible to bring a nib along.

Please understand that due to reasons of confidentiality, it is not permitted to watch how the nib is cut. However, the nib will be tested right after it has been cut, to ensure that the desired effect was reached - for as long as necessary, until you are entirely satisfied with your special nib. As this concept allows us to fulfill nearly any wish, we named it the "Make a wish nib".

While grinding, no spectators are allowed, but the nib can be tested right afterward to make sure that you are fully satisfied. This concept is called “Make A Wish Nib” as virtually no wish is left uncovered.

The 400 and 600 nibs are made of 14 carat gold, while the 800 nib is made of 18 carat gold. Due to an additional rhodium trim, these nibs have the attractive bi-color design. All nibs have the usual Pelikan embossing, but with an additional S (for special nib).

They fit into the corresponding Souveraen fountain pens of the existing Pelikan collection. (However, there are some historical models where these nibs will not fit).